Smart Timing Of Your CD Release Can Increase Your Chances For Airplay

As national music director of a Gospel radio network, I get lots of calls each week from record labels and promoters seeking airplay for their artists. But for Independent artists in particular, timing can play an important role. It would be wise for you as an Independent to be aware of who is releasing what and when. For example, if The Clark Sisters, Mary Mary, Kirk Franklin or Marvin Sapp are releasing their projects within a certain month, then that particular month probably isn't the best time for you as an new Independent to release your CD. Here's why. When it comes to adding songs for airplay, major artists are always going to be at the top of the list because they are familiar to listeners. It's not that your song may not be just as good but if a PD or MD is trying to decide whether to add an artist that his or her listeners are familiar with or someone new and unknown, who do you think is going to get first consideration and more than likely the add? You guessed it, the more familiar artist. So, do your research. Know when major artists plan to release their new projects and strategically plan your release date around them so that you have less competition for airplay.

Ace Alexander is founder of Airplay 360 and facilitates industry seminars on "How to Get Your Music Played on Radio and More" which have been featured at the Bi-annual International Gospel Industry Retreat. Ace is also Sheridan Gospel Network's national music director and host of its afternoon Praise Party radio show which is heard in over 50 radio markets in the U.S.

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