Should Gospel Artists Who Fall From Grace Be Given Another Chance?

(April 31, 2011) We in the Christian and Gospel industry like to think that we’re more forgiving than our secular counterparts. But are we? Do we really believe that Gospel artists who fall from grace should be given another chance to minister to us? Perhaps “us” is the problem. Most  Christian  Hip Hop artists like The Ambassador,  who we feature this month, have a ministry that’s targeted to youth and the world at-large. So, the majority of “us” are not part of their audience anyway. But back to the question at hand: Should they be given another chance after an immoral act? Absolutely! Though moral sin should be avoided at all cost, each time it is exposed in our industry, it brings to the forefront the fact that no one is above reproach. We all have to stay spiritually committed and employ divine safeguards in order to not fall victim to such indiscretions. Still, we should not allow the secular world to have a more forgiving heart than we do as Christians. We’ve watched as Urban Hip Hop artist Chris Brown soared back to the top of the Billboard music charts after a domestic violence issue. And, Hip Hop artists like Lil’ Wayne, T.I., Jeezy and Gucci Mane have paraded in and out of prison with their music peaking, often while they are still behind bars. So, why should Christian artists be made to suffer because of sins? As long as there is repentance, counseling and a restoration process, I see no reason why Gospel artists who have “messed up” cannot be restored and again grace the top of the charts.

Ace Alexander

Ace Alexander is a national music director, radio personality, speaker and voice over artist. He is a recipient of the Central South Distribution REACH Award. He is a two-time nominee for the R&R / Billboard Achievement Awards for Radio Personality and National Music Director of the Year and a 2010 Radio Stellar Award nominee. He is also a Music & Entertainment Consultant and Founder of Airplay 360. –    

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