How to Make Money With Your Gift, The Right Way

by Nicole B. Simpson, CFP

In the spirit of independent Christian artists being acknowledged for their multiple contributions to the Kingdom of God through their creative works, I wonder how many creative individuals experience the fame but never transfer that notoriety into a fortune. God gives us the power to acquire wealth but one must recognize that they are a business. God has entrusted people with natural gifts that cans serve as the conduit to financial stability and peace in one’s life. Once the passion has been identified, you must search for ways to cultivate your passion into a product or service.
As a creative artist with the ability to sing, produce, write or play musically, you still have a responsibility to create an economic plan of action that includes a diligent pursuit to accomplish the goals set forth in the plan.
You may have the best business, the most anointed CD, or the greatest testimony in the world. However, if no one knows you exist, then your labor will be in vain. While I understand many believers feel that God will make a way, that does not negate your responsibility to knock on doors letting people know what you have to offer. This is where most people get stuck. CLICK HERE to read the entire article on Page 9 of the July/August 2012 issue of Airplay 360.

Nicole B. Simpson is a certified financial planner, author, speaker, and disaster planning specialist.
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