Award Winning Producer Roger Ryan Shares Valuable Tips on "How to Find the Right Producer"

So you're an artist, it's time to record and you're looking for a producer. Well, you’re headed in the right direction. Finding the right producer will help you to bring out the best clear picture of your music. The producer is like a builder. He or she is responsible for building your "house". Building a house utilizes many resources, just as producing a song does. The producer is responsible for getting the right materials and specialists to build your song. A list of "materials" are

1. An arranger( if needed)
2. The right players (musicians)
3. The right background vocalists if needed
4. The right studio or studios to record in
5. The right engineer or engineers

These are some of the main elements a producer will use to produce your song. Now let's find the right producer. 

Roger Ryan (far left) in studio with artists
Some producers can produce any style or genre of music. Some specialize in one area. Make sure the producer you're looking for can produce your style of music. It wouldn't work to have a classical producer in the studio with you if you're a hip hop artist. Producing your vocal will also be an important part of your production. As a vocalist the producer must understand vocals and be able to guide you with ideas, phrasing , hearing any pitch problems etc. Once you've narrowed your search based on style, reputation and listening to the producer's work, have an in depth preproduction meeting. Make sure that there's mutual respect for your work as well as the producer. There must be a good "vibe" or a good fit personality wise to work together in the studio. Trust will also be an important factor in finding the right producer. Your first song/single will be an important step in your career and the producer will have a lot to do with making it a success. If you apply these steps in your search for a producer you're on your way to having a single you can be proud of as well one ready for the market place.

- Article written by Roger Ryan

Roger Ryan is a Grammy award winning and Dove nominated music producer. His work has run the full spectrum of the industry and spanned a wide range of genres. He has worked with artists like Kirk Whalum, CeCe Winans, Whitney Houston, Kenny Rogers and many more. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Ryan is the owner of AfterTouch Music label.
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