The Art of Reinventing Yourself as an Artist

Eyes and minds have been opened, so what is your view on your career now? A very significant number of professionals have evolved by reinventing their careers, brand and or company. The question is have you? Have you paid attention? Have you laid out every talent and gift you have and made a very intentional review of how to use them and how to increase their value (i.e. “your value“). What is key is the level of exposure you have allowed for yourself to know what is going on out there and how you can collaborate because those who succeed will be and are the one's who are great collaborators?

For example, there is a is where once you join you will be privy to different meetups based on your topic of interest so if your interest is business then you will be presented with dates and times of business gatherings, if it's sustainable living then you will be able to attend those meetups and so on. It's about great minds gathering, coming up with solutions, new business models, exchanging great information empowerment and sometimes just enjoyment. 

Adrian Anderson
The Internet has to be used to better your life, career, business and dreams. You have to get out of your comfort zone, meet new people and see how those minds are shaping day to day life and the future. Surely you can have your say and role in this evolution of our world and get connected, socially enriching your life! Are you aware of the prominence of social entrepreneurship? Do you know about the Skoll Foundation? Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation? Ted Talks? Or what Zappos founder Tony Hsieh is doing in downtown Las Vegas? Well, he and his investors are building a Reinventing YOURSELF as an Artist new city there that is for the locals. It's progressive, tech savvy and yet about community so the locals have a say in what they would like to have in the city such as stores, businesses, recreation, etc. Log on to and learn of the vision that is manifesting there. Community is key and this is a perfect example. I communicate this to you so that you are in touch and inspired to nurture vision in your own lives and to open up avenues to discover greater business opportunities. 

By now you are fully aware of state of the music industry as it's going through it's own reinvention most people are in a position where you must do more than music yet find connections/opportunities that allow music to be included. There is always a place for music, it's just a matter of if there is a place where music can be profitable for you consistently. For artists, the live show has to be stellar. Endorsements are needed and you have to have a great community base (online and in person) that you nurture. Whether you have a single out or not, you have to have a relationship with your fans. Many artists find themselves exhausted from having to be so involved these days. It also teaches the uninformed artists the value of having and keeping a team. You have to embrace delayed gratification and use funds earned to hire team players consistently. 

It's a lot more than singing, so get connected and win! 

Article written by ADRIAN ANDERSON

Adrian Anderson is a motivational speaker, beauty entrepreneur and former member of the multi-award winning urban inspirational trio Trin-i-tee 5:7. She is also CEO of Halo Tu' Beauty.
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