The Band Agreement...Why Every Group Needs One

A​s an artist, it is important to realize that not only do you create music, but you are also in the music business. For those of you who are members of singing groups, you can’t ignore the fact that your group members are also your business partners. No business can run effectively without a plan and a group is no different. 

How will you fund your business activities such as studio time, manufacturing and packaging CDs, travel expenses to showcases and so forth? How will you share the profits from paid engagements, independent CD sales, merchandising, or royalties from music publishing? Who will own the assets of the group such as the group name, master recordings or music copyrights? How does the group make decisions? What happens if a member leaves the group? The list of questions can go on and on. 

The best way to answer these questions and others is for the members of the group to sit down and talk about these questions. You can address​ ​these issues alone or you may want to sit down with your manager or attorney Once the group has come to some decisions; then, it is time to have a BAND AGREEMENT drafted for all group members to sign. Having a band agreement will come in handy if the group is successful or if the group disbands. It could be the difference between a smooth or bitter transition.

Having a band agreement will come in handy if the group is successful or if the group disbands.

Angela Green is an entertainment attorney in Memphis, Tennessee and Vice President of On Location: Memphis International Film & Music Festival. She is also part owner of Key II Entertainment, an artist management company and founder/CEO of music publishing and registration Service Positioned for Millions.
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