Why Gospel Singers Need a Vocal Coach

In the church, some believe when one is blessed with vocal gifts, vocal training is unnecessary. Many believe, “I am anointed and appointed by God so I don’t need vocal lessons.” I hear this belief all the time from gospel singers across the country. This is an impractical assumption that should be addressed. One reason you need a vocal coach is simple: You are instructed to “study and show thyself approved!” If you study the Bible, you come to realize that we are approved with anointing to reach the world. Whether you sing in your local church or as a recording artist, a vocal coach can significantly help you as you develop your ministry. 

Gospel singers are not above vocal teaching. If you do not practice properly you may fail and then wonder, “Why or what happened to my voice?” You may, at this point, consider consulting a vocal coach for help after having either been cut from your record label, experienced vocal problems or your gift is completely taken away by self-imposed abuse. It is totally your responsibility to get the knowledge of vocal training. The voice is a muscle and must be exercised properly at all times! 

Finally, the reality is, countless singers don’t seek out vocal coaches because of finances. Monies are put on the production end and not on how to put out the best CD from the beginning. But once it’s all over, can you sing what you just recorded for 50 consecutive dates or whatever the record label is requiring you to commit to? The answer is NO! Singers, realize voice training is first, middle and last! It never stops as long as you are breathing. Galatians 6:7 says, "… for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Check your harvest! You may find you could have benefitted from a vocal coach from the beginning. It’s not too late. Yes it costs, so put your house in order and get a vocal coach today! 

Tray Simmons is a professionally trained vocal coach, voice specialist, choir director, master teacher, composer, writer and producer. He is also an accomplished opera, gospel and jazz singer.

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