Gospel Singing Sensation Jekalyn Carr Talks New Project, Growth and Her Message to Her Peers

Stellar Award winning gospel sensation Jekalyn Carr is at the pinnacle of her music ministry. At 19 years of age, the singing evangelist already has three solo albums to her credit and a fourth one, "The Life Project", is scheduled for release August 5th by Lunjeal Music Group. "You're Bigger", the debut single from her latest project is currently at #2 on Billboard's Gospel Singles Chart, surpassing her previous Top 5 single "Greater is Coming."

Never short on words, Jekalyn recently shared her vision with Airplay 360 regarding her latest project, how she's grown musically over the years and her message for this generation.

A360: Congratulations on your new single, “You’re Bigger” and your upcoming album, "The Life Project."
Jekalyn: Thank you so much. Thank you all, those of you that have been supporting it. You’re very much appreciated.

A360: What’s the inspiration behind “You’re Bigger?”
Jekalyn: “You’re Bigger” came from a place where we understand that many times in life we experience things and we go through things. Some things we didn’t know we were going to experience and it seems as if it’s too big for us to overcome it and because of that we limit ourselves to where we don’t really see the full capacity of how big our God is. But this song right here pushes you to look at your circumstances and look at God and say, “God I know you’re bigger than that. If you’re bigger than the universe, you’re bigger than my past. You’re bigger than my hurt. You’re bigger than financial issues. You’re bigger than mind battles. You’re bigger than anything that I could ever experience.” And see many of us have witnessed God performing miracles, healing, delivering, restoring right before our eyes. We celebrate that but we’ve got to know he’s even bigger than that. Everyday you’ve got to tap into God and say, “God, introduce me to a side of you I’ve never seen before because you’re just that big.”

A360: Everyone is familiar with your past hits “Greater Is Coming” and “It’s Gonna Happen” but this song seems to be more a worship anthem to God. Does this album have more of a worship tone than previous projects?
Jekalyn: The album is nothing different than what you’ve been getting every since “Greater Is Coming” came out. And it’s so diverse not just in the melodies but in the messages. I’m excited about the messages that it’s conveying because this album helps bring restoration and healing and that oneness back to the body of Christ. There’s so much that’s happening around us. Every time you turn around something is happening and it’s taking our attention off of where it really needs to be. And this album redirects your focus towards God and it reminds you where your joy is. I have a song on (the album) saying “You Are My Joy”. It’s basically telling the people of God that when you put your joy in things, that stuff can be here today and gone tomorrow. But Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever more. A song that is my favorite “You Spoke Over Me” because many times we can say that when God called us and began to introduce us to new things and say, “This is what I want for you,” we felt as if we didn’t deserve it or weren’t good enough and then on top of that with so much negativity happening around us seems like nobody believed in us, nobody believed in our vision but beyond all of that, God spoke over us. And when he speaks over us, can’t nobody change the word.

A360: You’re 19 now and you’ve been evangelizing, singing and preaching for a long time but now that you’re older, what changes can you see in yourself since you first started ministering?
Jekalyn: I can most definitely see the growth. I think that growth should be a part of everybody’s journey. When it comes to not just the spiritual but the natural but (I’ve grown) music wise, speaker wise and being able to relate to the people more even when it comes to messages and being diverse and all of that. Using strategies…even Jesus used strategies to draw people and his strategy was love. And so the strategy that God gives me is working, drawing people and people are constantly emailing and inboxing and telling me how much my ministry has been a blessing to them. The growth has been amazing and I’m enjoying the journey.

A360: And, of course, your father, your mother and your family are still heavily involved in your career?
Jekalyn: Yes, absolutely! I tell people all the time that everybody sees me out front but they don’t see those who are working behind the scenes. I can remember countless nights and still today, my dad staying up all hours of the night working to make sure I could do what I want to do. They were here before the world knew my name and they’re still here and I’m just glad to have them in my life.

A360: Do you have any TV or movie projects that are coming up?
Jekalyn: Well, I don’t want to speak. We’re working on a couple of different things that I can’t speak of just yet. All I can say is something big.

A360: Since you are part of this young generation today, what would you like them to get from your new project?
Jekalyn: One thing I want us to remember is that we are not exempt from all the negativity that happens around us. We cannot escape it because every time you will run into it. There are certain places you may go and things just occur that you didn’t know was going to happen. But we’ve got to know who we are because if we know who we are, we are not subject to our environment but our environment is subject to us. You have to remember God calls you the salt and light of the world and wherever you go, the glory that you carry…the message, the knowledge and all that you carry should be so heavy that even when you leave it leaves a residue wherever you are. So you have to remember to stay focused and keep working, keep fighting, keep working on your dreams. You can’t give up. Start today because the earlier you start, the farther ahead you will be in life. Just continue to be what God has called you to be and remember this: Holiness is still right. It doesn’t matter what you see other people do and doesn’t matter what ungodly laws are being made in our land, we have to remain standing on the word of God because the law of the Bible does not change.

To connect with Jekalyn, visit her at www.myjekalyncarr.net.

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