Jonathan McReynolds Explains Why He Declined Inauguration Invitation, Travis Greene Accepts

Grammy nominated and Dove Award winning gospel star Jonathan McReynolds declined an invitation from President-elect Donald Trump to perform at an inaugural ball in Washington, DC following Trump's inauguration on Friday, January 20. In a detailed statement he penned online, McReynolds explains that he "respectfully declined." He adds, "Regardless of his history, his quotes, and even his disrespect of President Obama and others, as a man, as a man of God, you must respect the position of even those you don’t agree with. We bless those that curse us. Sucks sometimes, but it’s our challenge."

McReynolds continues, "I declined because I simply don’t believe this opportunity was for ME. (I wouldn't have been able to sing any "Life Music" on my terms either.) MY convictions concerning politics and President-Elect Donald Trump, would have made me miserable on the flight to Washington. I wouldn’t feel good honoring the office of a man who (I feel) hasn’t honored it yet. Often times, honoring is not agreeing, it’s disagreeing in a respectful manner. That’s what I hope the Trump administration will do, that’s what I am doing here by respectfully declining, and that’s what I hope my community, the Church, can do as well." Read McReynolds complete statement here.

Grammy nominated gospel singer Travis Greene was also invited to the Trump inauguration and seemed happy to accept. In an Instagram post, Greene said, "I'm overwhelmed by the favor and the love of our Jesus Christ," saying he accepted the invitation "after much prayer, deliberation and soul searching." Greene said that "I literally spoke to most of my spiritual advisers thoguhtout the country. It was an overwhelming 'go'. That's what they told me, that they believed this was the will of God."  See Greene's Instagram message here.

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