Marketing on a Tight Budget: Best Options for Independent Gospel Artists

As an Independent Gospel artist, you probably don’t have the big budget that major label artists enjoy. You don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of promotion to support your project. But, guess what? In today’s dismal economy, even the big record companies are using cost-effective marketing options to get the word out and keep costs down.
While television and radio are very effective mediums, they do not make my list of frugal options for an Independent artist who is looking for significant returns from every form of media that is utilized. Whatever funds you have for marketing will be quickly depleted with ads over the airwaves. To get the most benefit from your marketing investment, use practical, less expensive avenues that will not leave you penniless. But, first and foremost, have your marketing plan in tact and know exactly how much money you have allotted to market your CD.

Press releases are a surefire way to convey your message to the Gospel music industry and even consumers at a very low cost. You can do it yourself or hire a publicist to do the work for you. If you do it yourself, you will need to employ good writing skills, have a comprehensive and targeted media list and know how to strategically place your release for optimum coverage. Also, make sure that you have a newsworthy angle before deciding to use a press release as a marketing tool.

Banner ads are available at very reasonable rates on many high-traffic industry sites such as and To maximize your exposure, you can purchase ads on several sites that reach your target market and, then, track which ones yield the best results for you and adjust your ad buy accordingly. Also, if you do not have your own graphic designer, please factor in design costs to create your ad. Some sites may offer this service as well for a nominal fee.

E-zines or web magazines target very specialized audiences and, in most cases, for a rather modest cost. For instance, if you’re trying to reach radio programmers, then, find an e-zine that caters to that audience and place a consistent ad schedule. Regular hard copy magazines may be good options as well, especially if it’s a start-up publication with a small, but loyal circulation. Chances are the ads will be affordable.

E-mail marketing services blast your message to their particular marketing list. The cost can range from $200 to as much as $1000 per blast. Some e-mail marketers boast large subscriber lists but do your research to ensure that those subscribers are the ones you need to reach. It is better to market to a smaller, specialized list than to send to a large pool of people who have no interest in your genre of music.

These are just a few ways to make the most of your marketing dollars especially when the funds are very limited. Do not rely on one specific form of media but a well blended marketing mix to achieve the greatest results.

Louise Moore is a publicist and marketing professional with several years experience in media including radio, TV and print. In Gospel, she has worked with Dr. Bobby Jones, Martha Munizzi, Troy Sneed and Creflo Dollar Ministries. Louise has written, edited and proofread for magazines, corporate training manuals and inspirational books.
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