VICKIE WINANS: The Ultimate Every Woman of Gospel

by Louise M Moore

(September 15, 2009) Often referred to as the "Hardest Working Woman in Gospel," multi-award winning Gospel star Vickie Winans is the consummate business woman. Operating as her own manager, booking agent and producer, Winans is, indeed, the ultimate "every woman" of Gospel.

Over a near 25-year career, she has 15 albums to her credit. How I Got Over, released August 25, 2009, is Winans' most recent project and the second CD on her independent label Destiny Joy Records. How I Got Over debuted at #3 on Billboard's Gospel Album Sales chart and is currently in heavy rotation at radio stations across the country.

In a conversation with Winans, I quickly found out why she is truly "every woman." She does it all. Piloting her own destiny, she is in complete control of her music career. Winans speaks with candor and humor about her music, business ventures and how she balances it all.

A360: You are like the "Hardest Working Woman in Gospel." How do you book yourself and manage yourself? How do you do all of this?
VW: Girl, I love it. First of all my hair is so nappy right now that if I was on punishment all they'd have to do is show me a fine-tooth comb and I'd just start crying and asking for forgiveness because girl, I've been so busy I ain't even had time to comb my hair. So here's what you do. You just put on a stocking cap and put on an already combed wig and hit it. Girl, I am so busy. I even had the nerve to learn Pro Tools. Now I'm engineering my own vocals. I'm producing. I've got my own recording label...running that. Turning in the CD probably today. How I Got Over is at radio. I got that out and it's doing great. People are adding it. It's been the most added for the last three weeks. I do manage myself, book myself, run this house. I've got a jewelry store, a wig salon. Oh my God. You name it, it's happening. And I love it. You can't be lazy. Lazy people are broke.

A360: Do you still do the fashion thing?
VW: No, I lent my name and likeness to a company for a year. The clothes are nice but I would probably have some other ideas for designs.

A360: Do you plan on designing clothes in the future?
VW: Did you just ask me was I getting ready to do something else? (laughter) I can do it when I settle down a little bit.

A360: I just read that you are going to be doing a TV show on BET (Black Entertainment Television).
VW: Yes.

A360: Now how are you going to do that?
VW: I've already taped 11 shows. They contracted me for 30. It's a great show. Funny, funny, funny, funny.

A360: It's called "A Time to Laugh" so is it a comedy show introducing other comics?
VW: Yes, but I come on and do a full monologue. Girl, it's hilarious. I play a character where I'm a woman in church. They've got a nice set built. I mean it's really really nice. It's going to come on primetime at 9 o'clock on Sunday nights right after Sunday Best.
A360: So after Sunday Best season starts in 2010, then your show will debut?
VW: Exactly.
A360: Over the years you've lost a lot of weight. What's the difference in your performance from having the weight on and now not having the weight?
VW: Well, it's a difference between breathing and not breathing. You've got to do more than just lose the weight. You've got to get your cardiovascular revved up too. You really need to get on that treadmill. It's hard. It ain't easy. It's hard. And, in order for me to maintain it, I have to just drop and stop eating. I can't just eat a little bit and go on a diet. I can't do it like that. I go on a diet but I like to just go ahead and give me about 4, 5, 6, 7 days and let me just cleanse, purge and do some fasting and nutrients and stuff like that and just drop it. And then, give myself another three or four months and I might gain a couple of pounds and then I just drop it again. But I do it according to the doctor and how they tell you to do the cleansing of toxins. But I just can't do that measuring a quarter of a string bean.
A360: Your new project How I Got Over is doing well. What stands out about this project?
VW: I've got some beautiful songs on it. I've got a song with Tye Tribbett and I've never done a duet outside of doing one with Coconut. And, I did one years and years ago with Marvin. But I've got a duet with Tye Tribbett and it's so hot.
A360: You've had so much success. Where do you get inspiration from to just keep doing everything that you do. Just like when you write a song or record a song. Where does inspiration come for Vickie Winans?
VW: Girl you know what? I've got this little energy, something inside me that just constantly wants to keep on pleasing Him. I never ever stop. It will be 25 years next year and I just don't stop. I never stop. I just keep going and going and I want to get better and better. I don't have to be super, super, super mega famous but I just want to be consistent. And that's what I had planned out to be and that's where God has placed me and I'm so so eternally grateful for that. Just be consistent. You don't have to be super great. Just be consistent. And that's what a lot of people strive to be huge but then you've got to get bigger than that, then you've got to get bigger than that. But if you're consistent you ain't got to worry about meeting too much. Just being right there, chucking right along. Making people like you and being accessible and having great relationships with pastors and constant friendships and loving people and having a good ole time.
For more information on Vickie Winans visit her website at
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