How to Find a Good Photographer on Any Budget

by Adrian Anderson

(October 14, 2009) You have your three looks completed. Your concept for imaging and makeup is solid, and now you're on to planning your photoshoot which requires a photographer. Do you have a budget? If not, do you have anything you can barter with? Here are three scenarios in which you can garner the services of a photographer.
1. Go online and look up photographers in your area. See if you can view their work online and schedule a face-to-face meeting so you can convey your thoughts on their work and then discuss the particulars. See if they will shoot three looks within your budget. Be open to agreeing to two looks if the budget is not agreeable for three.

2. Contact a college or any business near you that teaches photography. Hint: Inquire about using the services of one of the students. If you have no upfront budget, then it is important that you are strategic, patient and flexible. Put an ad on a college campus and provide a student photographer the opportunity to do an actual photo shoot for your CD cover and media use in exchange for credit and professional work to be displayed. Remember, you would be nurturing their career and at the same time building your resource database.

3. Purchase or use a friend's camera and use natural light. Lighting is key. Explain to your friend what you are doing and what you must accomplish. Be determined and resourceful. Now, you must be creative and take a range of poses from different distances because you only need a few great ones! You should definitely become familiar with PhotoShop graphic software so that you can do some of your own touch ups.
Remember this is the age of Twitter, I-Reports, and Blogs so candid pics are used prominently in this new media age. Helpful Hint: If you have a service you can provide to the photographer perhaps you can barter your services in exchange for the photo shoot. That is why it is good to know how to do more than just sing. Always use every gift, skill and talent you have. Pray for guidance and be sincere with everyone you do business with or want to do business with. Relationships will garner you great gain when the funds are low. Every entrepreneur knows that costs are to be kept low; however quality must not be compromised.

I hope you're getting the big picture here because the success of your independent career will always fall on you. Good foresight is beneficial allowing for proper planning. Get in the habit of planning everything you need to do so you can flow well on the day of implementation. Next time we will cover location of your photo shoot, the set/background in line with the art direction chosen for capturing your brand and presenting it in image form. I sincerely pray the best for you, your calling and your dreams.

Adrian Anderson is a member of the Grammy nominated, platinum selling gospel trio Trin-i-tee 5:7. She is also a inspirational/motivational speaker, award winning songwriter and beauty entrepreneur.
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