Trin-i-tee 5:7 Spreads Christmas Joy, Explains Record Success

by Louise M Moore

(December 22, 2009) Songs like "Holla", "God's Grace", "My Body" and "Listen" are the urban R&B sounds that define Spirit Rising Music's Grammy nominated, Stellar and Dove Award winning group Trin-i-tee 5:7. Angel Taylor, Chanelle Haynes and Adrian Anderson have established themselves as the best selling trio in gospel with six albums to their credit including their latest release "Love, Peace, Joy at Christmas" their first holiday project. The 11-track CD features soulful renditions of Christmas classics like "White Christmas", "Mary Did You Know" and "Joy to the World." Also included are live performances of "O Holy Night", "Winter Wonderland", "Silent Night" and "The Christmas Song" which were recorded for the television holiday special "Gospel Music Channel's Christmas at Union Station" airing this month on the Gospel Music Channel.*

The platinum selling trio has been together since 1998 and have amassed record sales of over 2.5 million. But to get to this point, Trin-i-tee 5:7 have created a unique formula for group harmony. Chanelle Haynes, Angel Taylor and Adrian Anderson are the three dynamic women who make up Trin-i-tee 5:7 and are quick to point out that their chemistry is because they simply gel. In an interview with AIRPLAY 360, T57 talks about their unique experiences, emotions and business acumen that account for their success, both on and off stage.

A360: What role do each of you play in the group?Adrian: I'm the business point person which just means that I attend the meetings for the group and then we come together collectively to make decisions. I'm a writer and singer as well.
Chanelle: I'm passionate about the stage. I'm meticulous about our presentation, the performance being at an optimal level. Period.
A360: What keeps you together as a group?
Adrian: We were friends first and we set a standard that we don't speak for each other. This is a love that we continue to discover and grow that we have for our group and for one another. We have been very blessed to endure and face challenges together. We allow one another to live and that has been a major blessing.
A360: How often do you talk to each other?
Chanelle: Whenever I want to I just call them and I told them when you see my name pop up, it's important. It's not an option. I think the longest I've gone without talking to the girls is probably a whole week but we talk pretty often and email.

A360: Is there one person in the group that really inspires everybody else or do you inspire each other?
Chanelle: I'm the silly one. I called Adrian the other week and asked her if she remembered this one situation with this person we met in New Orleans. It's just a funny story and we just laughed so hard. And after we laughed she said, "You know I really needed that because I had a strenuous day today doing a lot of business." If you've every received an email from Adrian it's always going to start with something of inspiration. She's going to make sure you are uplifted. Angel is the one who is concrete. Basically what you see is what you get. She's our angel.
Adrian: We all have different personalities but what brought us together was our love of music, beauty of life and adventure.
A360: What artists do you look up to?
Chanelle: For me Barbara Streisand and Tina Turner. These women will get on a stage and the world doesn't know the half of what it takes to get up there and perform at that level. When I look at entertainers like Prince and Michael Jackson and at any given moment they can get up there and do what they do like it's their first time. And, the girls and I have that saying. I encourage all independent artists to do it like it's your first time and people will respond to that.
Adrian: I love CeCe Winans for her beauty and grace and Vickie Winans for her business savvy and Vanessa Williams because she's maintained a consistent class about herself when she went through. She overcame and blew people away and she stayed true to who she is and showed her beauty and became an award winning artist.

A360: What's your advice for Indies as far as establishing a solid foundation?
Adrian: Artists have to understand that their talent is one aspect of themselves that they present to the public. At the same time when you're off stage you still have interactions with people. Being talented is not a passport to being rude and condescending because you can get on stage and sing. Your character is always to be at its best or in process and humble. I think that is so important to be balanced and that you have to groom all of yourself. At some point people aren't going to care to see you on stage anymore.
Chanelle: The girls and I had a performance and for some reason three consecutive shows my voice was just being really weird. I could not deliver the notes and control that I did on the album. And my manager always said if you can't do it live don't do it in the studio. I mean I started freaking out. I really got scared and it was a humbling moment because God showed me how bad I needed him. Because here I am at a relatively high point in my career and I can't sing. But I was interceding and praying and saying, "God I really need you." I've taken my gift for granted and I assume that every time I get on stage I'm going to blow everybody away with my wonderful voice. And for three shows God said, "No you won't." But God restored my voice back to me. I can't explain what happened but it was a moment of humility and God getting me back on track whereas I will never again take my gift for granted.

A360: Who are some artists you've met that had that humble, sweet, selfless spirit?
Chanelle: In all of our travels, and we've traveled the world we've had the pleasure of meeting some of the nicest people. (Country music star) Wynonna Judd was so gentle and kind and down to earth and was a wonderful testament to me, and Amy Grant too. They were just sweet and gentle. These people have sold millions of records and are adored around the world and they just wanted to let Trin-i-tee 5:7 know that they're our newest fans and how much they love our music. Kurt Carr is amazing too! He wanted us to come to his house and he told us he was having a Super Bowl party and we get to his house and the Super Bowl party was him and us. He made a party just for us. There are some amazing people out there.

A360: What is it like working with Matthew Knowles?
Chanelle: One of the things that Matthew told us a long time ago was that "the whole planet is my territory." And that has always made an impression on me that I don't have to put myself into a box.
Adrian: It's been an education and it has sharpened our skills and has made us more empowered and even more independent. What independent artists have to know is that this is a business. If you're going to be out there putting out records and doing engagements, you have to be able to contribute to your branding, imaging, packaging, consistency, and infrastructure for your own company working in partnership with the label. You have to understand that labels' budgets have diminished and those budgets are not going to return. You have to operate from a whole new place. We've been around years and we continue to grow and learn more and more and still have goals to achieve together and apart. If you want an education, go to Matthew. He's not going to sugarcoat anything. He's going to be very direct with you. And he's going to let you know what it really is so that you can achieve because he wants the highest good for you.

A360: So what's next for Trin-i-tee 5:7?
Adrian: We'll be doing another project next year. But we will continue to be on the forefront and encourage one another and inspire humanity.

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*Check your local cable listings for broadcast times of Gospel Music Channel's Christmas at Union Station featuring Trin-i-tee 5:7.
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