Why You Should Reinvent Yourself in the Coming Year

by Delroy Souden

(December 14, 2009) With 2009 coming swiftly to an end, I cannot help but wonder what's in store for the music industry in 2010. Many of us have taken some hard knocks as a result of the economy; many of us have managed to stay afloat. What is obvious is this: Come 2010, we all have to reinvent ourselves if we want to continue to be a part of this industry; we all have to step up our game and come correct, it sure can't be "business as usual." Heading into 2010 will surely be difficult for some, but let me urge you to seize the opportunity and make the very best of it. With this said, indie artists have a chance to step their game up and really make some serious noise come 2010. Get connected with the right producers; write good materials; seek out good studios and engineers that are going to make you sound your very best; and do your homework.
Come correct or don't come at all! You have been ridiculed, scorned, and looked over enough. If you're in it just to get some CD sales, an award or two, or to get noticed by everyone, then you're in it for all the wrong reasons. If you know that you've got the God-given talent to make some noise and bless some souls then, do you and allow no one to put you and your ministry down. Finally, align yourself with those who have your best interests at heart. You probably will have to go through the screening process, but eventually you'll find people that have your back.
Make 2010 your year to shine. Do not allow anything or anyone to come between you, your God and your blessings.
Delroy Souden is CEO/founder of EnSoundEntertainment.com which provides information and features on Independent Christian artists. Souden is also a recording artist, songwriter and Internet radio personality. His website http://www.ensoundentertainment.com/ is a leading portal for Gospel information and news.
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