5 Ways to Elevate Yourself as an Artist

1. COLLABORATE - Joining forces with another growing artist is a great way to elevate your artistic potential. This includes teaming up for live appearances and collaborations on recorded music. It's great to bounce ideas off someone with similar goals and a like minded thought process. Take a forward approach that will pay off with a broader listening audience and a live performance that will include two great artists instead of one.
2. IDENTIFY YOUR DREAM TEAM - Your dream team consists of individuals that understand and support your vision. This group may start as family and friends, yet can easily expand to a thriving  fan base. Stay connected with this group because they will be your most important  promotional tool. The best live concerts are those filled with individuals that support the artist.
3. PUT IN THE WORK - Create a physical fitness regimen that will help you build stamina and maintain healthy living. In order to belt out a powerful note or perform a high energy crowd favorite a tight fitness regiment will support these demanding activities. The results of putting in work can produce a solid artist inside and out!
4. FACE FUNDAMENTALS - It's easy to rely on talent alone; however, facing the fundamentals ensure your gift is polished and presented the right way. Spending time with a vocal coach and choreographer can be like secret weapons when attacking the stage. Your vocal coach will help with maintaining your voice under demanding conditions as well as recording tips and ways to improve your delivery. Your choreographer will assist with stage presence and designing your live show. Investing in all areas of your presentation are ways to ensure longevity.
5. ADD VARIETY There may come a time where you may need to switch things up based on your audience or even technical difficulty at the venue. By adding a wide range of material to your repertoire, you expand your performance range and your live show will remain interesting. Consider adding your twist to standard performance material or an acoustic version of your hit record to your set. Showing flexibility and creativity is a sure way to keep your audience engaged and excited about what you next appearance has in store.

 --Contributed by Tina A. Fears

Tina A. Fears is the Founder/CEO of Stage Ready LLC in Atlanta, GA. Stage Ready is an artist  development firm that specializes in choreography, styling, casting and live production development.

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