Lowell Pye Talks New Project "Alright"

by Miranda Brokenberry
(May 31, 2012)

Airplay 360: Congratulations on new single release "Alright" and your upcoming project "Transformed".  The full project is due out this summer...do you have a definite release date yet? 
LOWELL: No definite release date as of now, working on a few singles, however at the beginning of fall is when we are looking to release the project.

Airplay 360: This is your second solo album...what's different about this one...what distinguishes it from the first one?
LOWELL:  I am in a better place, than I was when I did the first one.  I went through a transformation period, with things such as weight loss, oppression, depression and loneliness, during my first album. Now I am feeling good all over and I am able to relay to people a little bit better than I used, being that I having more energy, I’m happy and not depressed anymore.  The word says be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind and that is what happened to me, which is the message that I am want to relay people.

Airplay 360: You've been doing this for a minute now, and you've been part of John P. Kee and the New Life Community Choir and then Men of Standard, so how is it now to be solo for your last couple of projects?
LOWELL: Amazing to be solo because you develop a strong relationship within yourself, Men of Standard was a very great part of my life, we were really tight .We were able to lean on each other through adverse times. Now that I am solo, I can still lean on them but I am learning to lean on GOD more. In the first album, I gave a lot of just the word, and people want to hear more than just the word, they want to hear how you overcame obstacles, they want to hear substance, they want you to be more personal.  I am embracing this because I believe god has placed me for such a time as this.

Airplay 360: In the future, do you plan on a reunion with John P. Kee or any of the guys you sang with in Men of Standard?
LOWELL: Absolutely, men of standard is going to be doing a reunion record, within the next year or half. The “live experience”, is what the new record will be called as of now/ MOS, will be doing a tour, with all the guys back, we are all excited and looking forward to just having a great time, doing it.
Airplay 360: What's next for you...are there any concerts...reality shows or anything we should be looking for from Lowell Pye?
LOWELL: Well what’s next is what I am currently working on which is my sophomore record “transformed”, I am also feeling inspired to write a book, about my transformation period, about overcoming depression, loneliness, and oppression, and how you can get out of these situations by turning your whole life over to Christ, and depending solely on him to see you through. 

For more on Lowell Pye, go to his facebook page.

-Miranda Brokenberry is a Special Events Reporter for Airplay 360
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