Are You Sending Up ‘LEGITIMATE’ Praise?

By Doris Knight-Stokes

Have you ever wondered why it appears your prayers aren’t being answered or if God really ever hears you when you pray? Is He paying attention to you?  I’m pretty sure all of us have experienced that from time to time; however I’d like to share a few “Black Pearls” of wisdom with you if you think this is happening.  Sometimes, you need to do a private “check” to make sure you aren’t doing anything to hinder your own prayers from being heard.

When you “praise” are you doing it to be seen, heard or noticed?...or are you doing it from your  inner-most being out of the deep desire to give Him praise. Is it because He’s more than worthy of your personal praise, for how good He’s personally been irregardless of your current circumstance and most importantly just because He’s WORTHY of your praise?

See, all too often I’m afraid people have two extremely wrong perceptions about who the Father really is:  He’s either viewed as the “Big Bad Man up there” with a hammer waiting to crack us against the head every time we do something wrong, or He’s the God that’s the “Sugar Daddy” just waiting to give us anything our hearts desire and whatever we want at our every whim.  Actually Father God is neither.  According to the Word, it is His good pleasure to bless us (Luke 12:32), He enjoys blessing our lives, even when we don’t deserve it, but He’s no fool! He continually blesses us for others to see in plain view when He sees that our lives are dedicated to Him, His purposes for our lives are being lived out and how we CHOOSE to live our lives in order for Him to gain glory from us in the earth.  If He can trust the fact that He can use you, you can’t help but to continually be blessed!  Obedience to Him and His Word also plays a big part in this as well.  But if you are doing whatever you’re doing (supposedly for Him) to be seen, heard, to have your name called or recognized, for titles or position, etc. then your MOTIVE for giving God praise needs to be examined. 

Pure praise or LEGITIMATE praise truly comes from the heart; down on the inside; not whether you do everything right in life or not.  King David was heralded by God Himself as “a man after God’s own heart” (Acts 13:22) and we all should know King David made many, MANY mistakes in his life; everything from getting another man’s wife pregnant, then having her husband killed in order for him to cover up his sin, then lying to the Prophet about what he had done.  But have you ever wondered WHAT was it that God was so attracted to that kept Him going back time and time again to David?...because it certainly wasn’t David’s obedience to do everything God instructed Him to do.

The secret to God’s relationship with David was the sweet smell of David’s worship; the honesty of David’s praise! When David screwed up, God placed his sin right in his face and DAVID would “check himself” and REPENT unto God for his wrongdoing!  King David wrote in one of my favorite Psalms “create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me!” (Psalm 51:10).  Whew…now that’s pure…that’s sincere! David understood the precious relationship that kept him CONNECTED to God wasn’t worth losing by NOT repenting.  His praise was always received by God because He would take ownership for his wrongs and then give God praise for allowing Him to see his error so that he could move beyond it!  That’s so awesome to me, because all of us at some time in our lives should’ve experienced this already.  How many times have we done something that wasn’t the best thing to do, realized our wrong, apologized SINCERELY for it and felt freed enough to move on in spite of it? 
See, God isn’t looking for PERFECT people without error; He knows He never created that anyway!  He’s looking for a people who is hungry to carry His Spirit, His praise into the earth and spread His personality to those that don’t have it.  Just as the enemy is “seeking whom he may devour?...” (1 Peter 5:8) …the Lord is looking for somebody He can use that will give Him LEGITIMATE praise without their hand out, without wondering if they’ll get the next title or position in church.  LEGITIMATE praise grabs God’s attention!  Begin to praise Him by yourself or to others without looking for anything.  Share the goodness of God (your personal testimony) with someone who doesn’t know Him the way you do or may have a secret desire TO get to know Him.  God does hear AND answer prayer, but wouldn’t you want to be ASSURED He’s listening to you?  When you build your personal relationship with Him through giving Him the praise and the worship that He is due, BLESSINGS are automatic; Him hearing you is guaranteed; Him answering is bonafide!  If you want Him to pay attention to you, purchase the “hottest” new fragrance of PRAISE and see what happens…He loves that “scent” and I HIGHLY recommend it!
Psalmist (Pastor) Doris Stokes Knight is:
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