You May Be One Music Call Away from Success… Keep Your Cool

As a musical artist or industry professional, your career is so important. It may be more than just your gift or your calling but your livelihood too, so please protect it—even from yourself. Don’t let the words that come from your mouth put a negative spin on you as an artist and send your career into a downward spiral.

On occasion, and very few I might add, I have had artists or radio promoters lash out at me because my radio network was not playing their music or because I did not call them back as quickly as they preferred. Never ever do this. In business, people may get a flood of calls, as I often do, and not get the opportunity to call you back right away. In fact, many calls may not be returned. Do not take it personal, and above all, do not speak angrily to the person you are trying to reach when you finally do speak with them. 
My calls don’t always get answered right away either but I recognize that if I want to make a good impression, build rapport and maintain a good reputation, I must be pleasant, even when I want to yell. 

Always keep a positive attitude. You never know when an opportunity might come along that has your name on it. You don’t want anyone to hesitate when they see your name because you were less than cordial to them. 

Watch what you say. Always let your words be good ones to guide your career in the direction God wants it to go—up!

Written by Ace Alexander

Ace Alexander is a Stellar Award winning broadcaster and Radio Hall of Famer and former national music director. He is also founder of Airplay 360 Digital Magazine and Mobile Radio.
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