Alexis Spight Talks New Album, Sunday Best and Her Unique Style

Alexis Spight is on the right path to greatness. The young urban contemporary gospel star is beautiful, radiant and confident. It’s been four years since she was runner-up on BET’s talent competition show “Sunday Best” but in that time, Alexis has blossomed into a seasoned artist. She has a keen sense of the “artistry of music”, a faithfulness to God and her fans and enough wisdom at her young age to have taken charge of her larger than life music career with all the right people surrounding her. With one #1 album, “L.O.L.” to her credit, Alexis is set to release her sophomore project “Dear Diary” August 28 on Uncle G Records. Recently, AiRPLAY 360 caught up with Alexis while she was in Hawaii promoting her upcoming album. .

So you’re in Hawaii right now. Tell us what brings you to Hawaii.

ALEXIS: I’m actually in Hawaii to kick off my promotional tour for my new album “Dear Diary” that comes out August 28. And it’s been absolutely amazing from beginning to end. I actually brought my great-grandmother, my grandmother and my mother here. So there’s four generations of us here and I’m loving just celebrating with them, just kicking off the tour for ‘Dear Diary” and singing new music. Everything has just been amazing and I’m enjoying it. It’s just been a great way to start out a new tour.

Your first single “All the Glory” from your new album is near the top of the Billboard Gospel charts and is your highest charting single to date.
ALEXIS: God has really given me so much favor. I know it’s not my vocal ability or my talent or just that people love Alexis Spight but it’s God’s favor over my life. For my song to be near the top of the charts, I’m just humbled, I’m overwhelmed and I’m thankful to God for his favor over my life.

How do you feel you’ve grown since Sunday Best?
ALEXIS: I’ve grown in every aspect of my life, not just musically but spiritually. When I was on Sunday Best and even shortly thereafter, I wasn’t an artist. I didn’t know what it meant to be an artist. I didn’t know the artistry of music. I was just a singer. And that’s something that Pastor Donnie McClurkin told me on the show. He told me I needed to learn the art of singing. And I’ve definitely learned that now. I’ve learned different breathing techniques, tenacity, and what it means to have endurance while on the road, vocal care and stage presence. I’ve grown in my writing abilities—just overall.

With your fashion sense and red hair, I’ve got to ask: where did you get your style?
ALEXIS: I think it kind of just evolved over time. I’ve always been different, kind of an outcast. I was always so out-of-the-box and I was just so free spirited and I was comfortable in that. Before the show, I was just playing with color. I wasn’t trying anything in particular to stand out. I told my hairstylist, I wanted to try something different so she said, “Let’s try red.” So we tried red and after the show it just kind of stuck. I want every time somebody sees me with this red hair— this eclectic style—to know they can love God as different as they want to be. They don’t have to fit into a box of traditionalist mentality that says they have to look a certain way to be saved. I’m just grateful that God created me strategically and purposely to reach those souls that are as different as me and let them know that they even have a place in the body of Christ.

Tell us what you have coming up.
ALEXIS: Pretty soon I’ll be at Megafest with Bishop T.D Jakes where I’m spearheading the youth department. I’m touring in Brazil in September and I’m going to learn pieces of “All the Glory” in Portuguese. God is amazing and he never ceases to blow my mind.

Connect with Alexis on Twitter @lyrically_lexi.
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