How to Transform Your Voice from Average to Outstanding

You need to be realistic about how you really sound. Unless you have a professionally trained musical ear, it will be actually quite a challenge for you to benchmark your singing and how you sound. An advantage of taking music lessons which is rarely stated is that you develop a keener ear for music. Whether you imagine that you sound like a rock star or an opera tenor, you must find out how your listeners perceive your voice. It requires great effort and expert training to sound like a maestro.


To gain a clear idea of how much you have improved or whether you've stayed where you were, you should record your voice even your smart phone or computer will do. Whether you have been taking online music lessons or have opted for vocal lessons, you should have made a progress that is audible. Record your singing again after a period of training three to six months later - and judge for yourself how much, if at all, you have improved. Make a note of the specific area or areas where the improvement is noticeable. Also make a note of which areas need additional effort. A basic requirement for transforming your voice from being average to outstanding is to start practicing every day. Exercising the vocal chords frequently is important in maintaining and bettering your voice. Once you are able to develop a clear, strong voice, it sets the stage for greater vocal range, increased voice projection, strong breath support and improved vocal pitch and tone.

Unfortunately, people do develop many bad habits related to singing which could be issues with breathing or pitch. Your teacher should be able to recognize them (if you have any such issues) the first time he or she hears you sing.


You need to decide in advance whether you want to be a niche singer specializing in a specific genre or you want to make versatility your strength. Your vocal lessons should be designed accordingly. Your vocal coach will monitor your singing posture as well as breathing technique, not just your tone and pitch. What is going to aid your progress from good to great will be the kind of positivism your teacher infuses into your classes as well as the positively with which you respond to challenges that crop up during and after training. Once you've determined what you want to achieve, no one should be able to stop you.

About the Author: Ken Tamplin is an American Christian rock performer and vocal coach. He is owner of Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy. Known for his vocal range, Tamplin has traveled the world studying from the best vocal coaches. He has also composed music for television and movies.

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