Does Social Media Help Your Music Career?

Artists, let’s talk social media and how we use it to promote the music we want to share with the world. Here we go. 

I have a question for you. As an artist, should your success be measured by the number of Facebook and Twitter followers you have? Now I know many may respond differently and I’ve posed this question to cause you to think more on how we market on social media while using traditional promotional methods. 

Yes, I do communicate on social media and understand that it’s the current trend, but let’s not forget the importance of remaining in the face of fans and consumers via national touring, local concerts, live radio, community events and more. Just think when fans see you live, they draw from your authenticity and you’re able to feel their support in person. I do agree that posting new music and events on social media will keep followers informed, but can you imagine how far your music will go, once fans see what they’ve been told? I’m aware that sometimes it’s easier to send out a tweet or Facebook post, but keep in mind, that media trends change and it’s always great to think ahead to avoid becoming stuck in the latest trend. 

When the legendary Berry Gordy founded Motown, they didn’t have social media, but they did have drive, ambition, a dream and raw talent and so do you! If a new trend starts tomorrow, let’s make sure our creative gifts are properly developed and ready to inspire and encourage others beyond our reach. 

Artists, keep praying, learning, growing, practicing, performing, giving, traveling and loving, no matter the number of tweets, posts or likes that you receive. 

This article was written by Tracy Williamson

Tracy Williamson is owner of TRE7 Entertainment, a premier A&R, marketing and promotions company specializing in developing gospel artists. As a songwriter and producer, she has worked with The Rance Allen Group, Shirley Murdock, Bishop Leonard Scott and many others.
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